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NRFF London has an exciting schedule of in depth MASTERCLASSES and a film PANEL DISCUSSION taking place at the Courthouse Hotel (Tube: Oxford Circus) on Saturday, August 20th, 2016. 

Masterclass-only Passes are now on sale and an Early Bird DISCOUNT is available until August 5. Click here for more details.

Festival Passes can be collected on the day from the registration desk from 9.30 am.

These sessions will start promptly and there are a limited number of spaces. Please be on time to ensure you are allocated a seat.





Ray Grewal is a freelance writer, editor, reader and tutor working for companies including the BBC, Creative England and the Writers’ Workshop. He has worked with many first-time film-makers, and is a visiting lecturer in screenwriting at Regent’s University, London. Visit Ray’s website: Script Play



4Peter Gerard Dunphy has invested in or produced a large number of full length feature films and advises both film production companies and prospective investors on film investment. His latest project is as Executive Producer of ‘Funny Cow’ starring Maxine Peake, Martin Freeman and Stephen Graham.



2Jonas Grimås is a BAFTA award-winning Director, who has made a string of documentaries for Channel Four and SVT, and directed British drama for the BBC, ITV and, from time to time, SVT and Kanal 4 and other channels. He developed and co-wrote scripts with a string of first class writers and producers, and has also expanded into producing and of mentoring young filmmakers, directors and writers at the Metropolitan Film School and the London Film School. Jonas recently wrote a book, The Film Director Prepares.’






‘What is a story?’ How to become a great Storyteller

Ray Grewal

60 min / Start: 11.00 am

Many people set out to write a script or to make a film but so few of them set out to tell a story – this is the opposite of the storytelling process.  The initial impulse should always be to tell a great story, but not many people seem to know what a story is or how to tell it well. In this masterclass screenwriting expert, Ray Grewal, will refine the definition of what a story is into a simple, easy-to-remember sentence and then analyze its key components.

You will be inspired to start thinking of yourself as belonging to an important and valued cultural phenomenon that has existed for millennia: the storyteller.





‘Film Finance’ seen through the eyes of an executive producer and investor

Peter Gerard Dunphy

60 min / Start: 12.30 pm

Peter Dunphy shares his experiences as an investor, executive producer and film production company director (Gizmo Films). He will give an overview of film finance, how to find investment for a film project, and what makes a particular project attractive to investors.





 ‘Everything you need to know before you shout ACTION!!’ The Film Director’s Perspective

Jonas Grimås

90 min / Start: 2.30 pm

The first half of this masterclass will be a condensed version of a two day seminar, where film director and BAFTA winner, Jonas Grimås, will define the role of the director and the all important relationship with the producer and the crew. How do you prepare your script, figure out your visual style and work out the 1-shot solution for any scene? All of these questions will be answered.

The second half will be Q&A about this and everything else.





‘Indie film-making in a changing world’


60 min / Start: 4.30 pm
1A panel discussion with our masterclass experts and filmmakers at the festival, moderated by Massimo Barbato, Co-director of the New Renaissance Film Festival. The discussion will focus on the opportunities for independents in a changing world.

Audience participation will be encouraged.


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