2016 Festival Gallery

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Heavy Weight” – Best of Fest Film 2016     “Paris in the Rain” – Eli Hart – Best Director

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“Minh Tâm” – Leanna Chea – Best Actress    “La Promesa” – Young Talent Nominee   

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“Ladies First” –  Award of Merit                       “3000” – Best Cinematography

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The “Green Room”

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Top Masterclasses: Jonas Grimas, Ray Grewal and Peter Dunphy

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Screening room                                                   Ellie, Yasmin and Rika – NRFF Team

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New Renaissance Screenwriters                   “Prove It” – Ronald Grandpey – Best Music Short

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“Lunar Art”   – Adam Luff – Screenwriter     “Laika Stardust” – Best International Short

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Jane Christie – Best Actress Nominee            Peter Dunphy  (Gizmo Films)

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“Paris in the Rain” – Eli and Zachary Hart     Amy Newton – Best Actress Nominee

2016-08-26 (5)  2016-08-26 (6)

Screenwriter Polina Zinoviev and Ray Grewal   Screenwriter Neil O’Neil & Rosie O’Neil 


Masterclass Presenter – Ray Grewal

Click here for the full list of New Renaissance 2016 Winners.

Photos by Dominika Besinska