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The Explorer


A man repeats his daily routine until he discovers colour when removed from the machine that controls him.

Writer/Director: Noah Ottersen Parker

Production Co: Noark Films 

 Country: UK       

Category: Young Talent (18-24 years old)

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Congratulations to ‘The Explorer’ for being selected as our Film of the Week! This short film experiments with genre to highlight the lack of vitality caused by our technology driven lives. Our digital habits are taking away from real life experiences we have with nature, making people forget to appreciate the beauty in things.

Noah Otterson Parker who wrote, directed, edited and composed the music score and VFX composition for ‘The Explorer’, is currently studying A’Levels in London (UK).  He says:

“Like many forms of art it is the film’s method of expression that has captivated me for years. The purpose of ‘The Explorer’ was to recreate the same fascination I have experienced from the films that I love and intellectually challenge an audience through a detached narrative.”

We think you’ve succeeded Noah. Well done! The film stars Adam Parker as The Explorer and Liv Ottersen as The Wife.

The Explorer


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