NRFF 2016 Young Talent Winners


We are proud to announce the WINNERS of the New Renaissance Young Talent Awards 2016!

The Young Talent Award is for filmmakers and screenwriters who are between 18-24 years old. This is an exciting opportunity to discover your own unique vision and voice as an artist and to communicate with a larger audience. Everyone and all genres are welcome.

Congratulations to  “SCRAP” by Joey Knox (Australian Young Talent Short), “SMOKE THAT TRAVELS” by Kayla Briët (US Young Talent Documentary Short) and GOOD MORNING ARTHUR by Adam Nakudu (UK Young Talent Screenplay). Special thanks to all of you who submitted your short! Your films deserve to be seen.

All of the selected shorts were screened during the festival on Saturday August 20th, 2016, at the Courthouse Hotel in London’s West End, and received an award.

Award ceremony photos coming soon!


Best Young Talent Narrative Short

Scrap (AUS)

11 min 34 sec  Drama / Family / Coming-of-age

Raised in a junkyard commune, the arrival of newcomers forces a young girl to question the world her father has created. Director: Joey Knox.

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Best Young Talent Documentary Short

Smoke That Travels (USA)

13 min 03 sec Documentary / Web / New Media

What happens when a story is forgotten? A personal documentary by 2016 Sundance Film Festival Ignite Fellow Kayla Briët that explores preservation and loss of Native American culture and her own identity as Prairie Band Potawatomi. Director: Kayla Briët (Young Talent).

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Award of Merit


Hugo (UK)

11 min 47 sec Drama / Fantasy / Romance

Born with unusually long fingers, HUGO lives a solitary existence in an abandoned theatre fearing the mockery of others. Then one day he falls in love with a beautiful young woman working in a diner. Overcoming adversity and turning around what appears as a shortcoming into a gift is the theme of this film. Director: Theo Pavlou.

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La Promesa (UK)

10 min  Drama / Freindship / Family

A singer and a neglected child forge an unlikely bond through a shared love of music. The film was inspired by a Spanish song (performed by the leading actress, Gloria Garcia) and has references to Hispanic culture, migration and adoption. Director: Aron Randhawa.

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The Explorer (UK)

7 min 24 sec   Sci-fi / Drama

A man repeats his daily routine until he discovers colour when removed from the machine that controls him. Director: Noah Ottersen Parker.

The Explorer




Best Young Talent Screenplay



A man on his deathbed gets the ability to relive and even change some of the moments from his past.

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Award of Merit


SWITCH by Robin Wang (CH)

A Phd graduate returns to his alma mater to visit his aging professor and mentor, only to discover that he has been replaced by a beautiful and mysterious woman.



The Clocksmith tells the story of Henri Côté, a man disabled due to a medical error from 1949, who defied all odds and became the most celebrated clocksmith of his time. One day, a mysterious young woman brings him an antique mantle clock, which transports him back to 1839, where he can walk again, leaving Henri to make an unthinkable decision.

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